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 Vanadium Sample Holders for neutron scattering experiments

 Taiyo Koko Co., Ltd. supplies Vanadium sample holders used for neutron scattering experiments. In addition, we can supply new sample holders made by Vanadium-based alloy. Vanadium has a characteristic that its coherent scattering length is a small negative value, but it isn’t zero. Therefore, Bragg peaks derived from Vanadium appeare in Vanadium sample holders. We have succeeded in developing new sample holders with Bragg peaks of almost zero, which are made of ‘Null-alloy’. ‘Null-alloy’ is an alloy whose coherent scattering length is zero. They were developed in cooperation with High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK).

 We can provide our customers with superior sample holders for neutron scattering experiments. Because only peaks of measurement samples are detected, very high precision measurements are able to be performed.

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Neutron diffraction patterns of Vanadium and Null-Alloy Sample Holders